The most famous child star ever

The pictures of young stars, who as a child came to be known and recognized.

 1. Drew Barrymore.
She first gained fame after starring in Gertie ET Extra-Terrestrial. Since then she has had many roles, among them participation in the films "The Wedding Singer", "Never Been Kissed", "Carlie's Angels" and "50 First Kisses". She is also a press secretary "CoverGirl" and the new face for the jewelry line of Gucci.

 2. Lindsay Lohan.
Not all former child stars are cute, innocent and crystal clear... a clear example: Lindsay Lohan. She first appeared on screen, playing twins, Annie and Holly in the movie "The Parent Trap" from a company Disney. Currently, she steals the jewels, uses drugs and drives a car drunk. And she in jail right now or not? We do not understand this...

 3. Macaulay Culkin.
Of course, you know, this baby - it's smart and brave Kevin McAllister in a series of films "Home Alone". We are not sure what he's doing these days (I think it was some show on NBC?), But we know he had a drug problem several years ago. Hold on, Macaulay!

 4. Jodie Foster.
She played the young Iris in "Taxi Driver" thirty-five years ago and held shows Saturday Night Live at the tender age of fourteen. Twenty years ago, she made history and became a legend in movies, won an Oscar for his role in the movie "The Silence of the Lambs". Jodie is still removed, starring in films, as well as engaged in directing and production work.

 5. Christian Bale.
Do not believe me, Batman, too, was a child. For the first time in the field of view of critics, he got back in the thirteen years after her role in "Empire of the Sun". The premiere of this project, "The Dark Knight Rises", held in 2012.

 6. Kristen Stewart.
We all know what it is famous today, but his acting career started in the current Bela eleven years old, playing in the thriller "Panic Room".

 7. Natalie Portman.
The current "black swan" was only thirteen when she played Matilda in "Leon-killer". Later, she would go to Harvard, to star in "Star Wars" and get a whole bunch of Golden Globe and "Oscars".

 8. Raven-Simone.
Before becoming the goddess of the channel "Disney" and host of his own show "That's So Raven", she played a sweet little Olivia in "The Cosby Show".

 9. Leonardo DiCaprio.
Yes, before working with Scorsese, he starred in the TV series, sitcom on ABC. 

10. Amanda Bynes.
This little darling starred in the show "All That" and his own show "The Amanda Show". Now she continues to act and speak.