50 Reasons to love and appreciate women

1. First time with them and learn a lot of humor.

2. They smell better. Much better. In every way.

3. Many of them have normal boobs are.

4. Often, they also show tits!

5. Tits, boobs ... Aah legs still there!

6. They eat less. This is advantageous.

7. They get drunk faster. This is beneficial in two ways.

8. They probably do not drink on the sly in the evening your beer.

9. The second and third roach in the refrigerator, too, tend to be safe. They eat little.

10. When they paint your nails, then somehow pretty helpless.

11. They can give birth to children. And kids cool.

12. They can raise their children up to 3 years. Therefore, children survive to three years.

13. Thanks to her, you came home hair dryer and a lot of useful information.

14. Sub cheaper machine. Yes, this is a big plus for women!

15. Yes, the car they do not necessarily need an expensive!

16. They motivate us to different achievements. Hmm, yes, it's still a good thing.

17. They truly do not understand what you can do every week in the sauna.

18. Well, there is human to walk in circles, tell you straight - many at all pretty.

19. They are almost always willing to laugh at. And the older - more.

20. They may be nice to explain any garbage that you have done in oblivion on excite.

21. They can tell something about a new car!

22. By the way, they rarely smoke and debris in the car.

23. They maintain some order. Without women, the great problem of the Second Sock just brought us all to the grave.

24. They can write a stupid sms and get excited response.

25. They remember the birthdays of friends in common, and children.

26. And the card can be anything sensible to write.

27. Often, they also know how to cook. And most importantly know how to cook often.

28. One of them crucify you buy a cool new coat.

29. They can pick up a normal tie.

30. And many (but not all) can still tie it to normal!

31. Women are conducted in different garbage. It's funny. .

32 Thanks to one of them you went to the theater. .

33 And felar filarias Philharmonic also visited.

34. Pile no ironing is not only a woman's anguish, but his desire to stroke.

35. It is unlikely that after reading you will know that it hated you a fan of the football team.

36. She always has a set of bubbles, some certainly can be washed.

37. They can be entrusted with the very dull and tedious work. And as a responsible and more laborious. And the urgency, too. They all just completed yet.

38. On Friday and Saturday night, they can change seats at the wheel on the road from the restaurant.

39. They have a cool girlfriend. And there are girlfriend.

40. You always have a good chance to win a woman in a fair fight.

41. It will determine that you are drunk before they have time to get behind the wheel.

42. They do not make you jealous of porno magazines because she does not buy them.

43. If she is offended, there is no will call you with all the dope on the forehead. And then there is this fool you, laugh!

44. They do not have to scrap to fill the bed! Every day!

45. They know which pill you need to buy to cure various diseases.

46. They are not afraid to call a doctor or even go to him.

47. Because they live longer, I'm sure that buried without a mess.

48. If you've done something then they get angry, but then for some reason still forgive.

49. They love to make different lists. One even helped finish the list, but I have already exhausted

50. Without them, humanity would long ago have returned to the primeval chaos. What is really there, yes ...