7 Most bizarre and rare allergies

Living with an allergy to, say, oranges are very easy - there are no oranges. But what if your body rejects your spouse?

1. On Money
As such, an allergy to money as long as conventional medicine does not recognize. However, certain substances used for the production of banknotes and coins, can actually cause allergic reactions. So, is widely known allergy to nickel, used to make, including the Russian ruble and a penny. Upon contact with a small change may have an allergic skin rash and itching, and symptoms last from several hours up to 6 days.

However, intolerance to detail - not such a problem, unless of course you are a collector or a cashier. But the 33-year-old Briton Yvonne Simon suffered a far greater misfortune - allergy and coins, and banknotes. In addition to nickel, skin reactions in women cause cash component of paint, and plus everything - latex, so wear protective gloves, it may. Cure the condition can not be unhappy for several years, Yvonne pays only a bank card.
2. The wife
"I just can not stand you!" - To Britain's Darren Young was not that phrase an insult to the wife, and a statement of the sad medical fact. Several years ago, Young found a rare allergic reaction (medicine knows only three confirmed cases) on the chemical compound polyethylene glycol (PEO). This substance is found in many cosmetics and is also used in the production of household chemicals, so that on his own house a man walks in the literal sense as a minefield.

Indeed, Young is afraid to approach his wife, since she is smeared hands some cream or even brush your teeth - she immediately becomes the most powerful man allergen. The reasons for the state is not yet known, drugs from him, respectively, are not.
3. On the mother's milk
In fact, it's allergy-blende, or rather, not quite the right name for a food intolerance. Indeed, some children may show negative reactions to breastfeeding, but the cause is not proper milk, and any items that fall into it from the mother's nutrition. Rather, on the eve of my mother ate something dangerous - for example, fish, eggs, peanuts or any other product with a high potential to cause allergies - and this is certainly reflected in the composition of milk.

In addition, the cause of "allergies" may be inborn errors of metabolism, such as, for example,  a disease maple syrup, etc. They lie in the body's inability to absorb or digest certain substances, that is, the child will not suffer from rejection, and lack of any component. To detect these diseases, foreseeing a number of tests, and treatment usually consists of a strict diet and medication.

In general, breast milk, on the contrary, it is even useful. According to some studies, its composition chudsnym way adjusted by an individual child, so that the child receives only the most necessary and, of course, safe.
4. On any food
Among food allergens, oddly enough, big set. What's more, in theory cause allergies can absolutely any food, although the most famous "intolerable products" are milk, cereals, eggs and fish. In addition, the high allergenic have nuts, all seafood, poultry, coffee, chocolate, spices and seasonings, smoked meat and fish, mustard, vinegar and mayonnaise, horseradish, radish, radishes, tomatoes, eggplant and mushrooms, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple, citrus fruits and honey.

To some "lucky" to not only digest one of these products and many allergic people do not carry several kinds of food, and also suffer from cigarette smoke, dust and other irritants. But the most severe case of food intolerance - this is probably the story of a young Australian Caleb, who can not eat anything at all.

In addition to numerous allergies to almost all the food groups, five Caleb suffers from severe intestinal absorption. His stomach ulcers and eaten by many refuse to accept even the most light and diet foods. It should be the boy to swallow a spoonful of food at least - the body responds to pain and wild gag reflex. So doctors have to feed him a special high-calorie solution: a special probe fluid enters directly into the stomach of Caleb, with dosed at 1-2 grams, not more.
5. For make love with husband
Doctors around the world not in vain promote safe sex - caution, as we know, is never superfluous. However, for young lovers Michael and Julie from the UK, it turned a very unpleasant surprise, and in the very first wedding night.

The fact that after the wedding couple discovered that Julie suffers from an allergy to semen ... a style of her husband. Before marriage the young people also were sexually active, but they always used condoms, but after an exchange of rings, we decided to try to conceive. As a result, the first "dangerous" sex for women turned to severe pain and skin rash, and symptoms did not disappear for several days.

However, the woman found no connection between his condition and sex, so the couple continued their attempts to have a baby. After two years (!) Unsuccessful effort Julie finally diagnosed - hypersensitivity to seminal fluid or an allergy to semen. As it turned out, the woman's body can recognize sperm as a foreign protein, and rejects it, causing pain and making conception impossible. Now the young couple had to think about adoption.
6. To physical education
Physical inactivity, that is, lack of physical activity, doctors called the scourge of modern society. They say that mankind is so lazy and accustomed to the benefits of civilization, which itself pushes himself into the grave and in the literal sense of "not moving".

However, in 37-year-old Ruth Hoylord there is an official "excuse" to bring physical activity into their lives to a minimum. Several years ago she was diagnosed with a rare disease - anaphylaxis caused by physical exertion - and it, like many other allergies can kill it. It should be a woman to eat any allergenic foods - nuts, fish or milk - and then, for example, fast walking, she starts a severe allergic reaction. Respiratory tract and face swell, if you do not take urgent measures, Ruth can suffocate within minutes. And may provoke an attack of everything: even climb stairs Ruth contraindicated.

The causes of the disease and how doctors treat it is not yet known. So all that remains of Ruth - is continually monitor their pulse and looking sadly at the window gyms.
7. On safe sex
Some have allergies is having unprotected sex, while others - on the contrary. Many men and women suffer from intolerance of condoms ... simple - and often do not realize this. The fact that most allergy sufferers believe that picked up any STDs, and assure a return only after laboratory analysis.

One of the most common instigators of allergy - it's latex it can not stand about 6% of the planet. Symptoms of intolerance include a burning sensation and itching, skin rashes, pain and sometimes swelling of genitals. In addition, similar reactions may occur due to dye substances spermicides or lubricants, but in this case may help to change a simple brand of condoms. In the end, there are other methods of contraception - oral contraceptives, spirals, etc.