Bloomberg revealed characteristics of the iPhone 5

News agency Bloomberg has published a new smartphone features the iPhone, which is preparing to release Apple. Information is provided from two sources close to the company and wished to remain anonymous.

The new iPhone will get dual-core processor A5. A similar chip used in the tablet iPad 2. The unit will be equipped with an 8-megapixel camera and will be running the operating system iOS 5, which Apple announced in early June.

According to Bloomberg, the company will introduce the unit in September. In appearance it is similar to its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Recall that the iPhone uses 4 A4 processor and comes with a 5-megapixel camera. The exact speed of the processor Apple iPhone 4 is not released, but according to tests it is from 800 megahertz.

News also reported that Apple is testing a new generation of tablets iPad. Characteristics of the devices were not disclosed, but specifies that they will get a screen with higher resolution.

Rumors of a new smartphone often contradict each other. Since June 21, said BGR website quoting "reliable source" that the iPhone will be released in August, five and externally will be radically different from the iPhone 4.