The Most Expensive Queries in Google Adwords

Contextual advertising gives Google 97% of all profits. As it turned out, the most expensive subject to Adwords, 24% of income Google, the word "Insurance" Currently, Google earned $ 3 billion a month on advertising. Revenue that Google will receive at the expense of ad content, make up a large portion of the proceeds of search engine.

Resource presented the Top 20 the most expensive search terms in the Google Adwords. The most expensive key word is the word "Insurance". Click Cost is $55. Thus, the "insurance", Google gets 24% of all revenues from advertising. In second place inquiry "Loans", the cost of click is $ 44, it is 13% of income of search advertising.

In general, the most expensive queries ( keywords), which placed ads in the contextual advertising Google Adwords, associated primarily with financial, educational and health services. In addition, Google has published financial results of the II quarter of 2011. The company's revenue grew by 32% over the previous year and reached a record $ 9.03 billion.
The company has shown excellent results in comparison with the forecasts of analysts and performance indicators for past periods.

Traffic acquisition costs were $ 2.11 billion , or 24% of advertising revenue. Proceeds from the sites themselves Google - $ 6,23 billion, from a partner network of sites - $ 2.48 billion, with non-US markets revenues was 54%, or $ 4.87 billion.
Net income was $ 2.51 billion cost-per-click contextual advertising Google has increased by 12% of all clicks grew by 18%.

Increased and costs of: operating costs have jumped by 33% compared to the second quarter of last year to $ 2.97 billion.
According to estimates of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, $ 200 million in profits last quarter, Google had gone to compete with Facebook. Recall that the creation of social networking Google+ cost the company $ 585 million after the publication of financial results of stock quotes Google jumped in electronic trading by 10%.