Shoes Transformation

If there are pants that become shorts, why not shoes that turn into sandals?

The German company Nat-2 (which takes its origin from a shoe factory, founded in 1856) with the year 2007 ranked niche production of transforming shoes. The model pictured above is called the Multi Zippers and, apparently, knows how to throw a skin. Artful design with patented zipper and, according to its creators, was developed in secret for several years. Series - Zipper 2 in 1 - consists of several models.

Generally they have there are many variations of transforming shoes. For example, a series of Home 2 in 1

3 in 1

One of the most popular series - Stacker 4 in 1

That's cute shoes Ze O Ze, who can throw the heel.

And the downloadable part, you can choose

And transformer - Amphibian, flippers, sandals, sneakers