19 Most Creative and Unusual Items

Mug with the holder who does not want to argue!

A real hit among the cutting boards - Big Chopper - a gift not for the modest!

The housekeeper with a whistle - a bird, quickly mounted to the wall and decorates the interior.

Inflatable support for a laptop. Always with you, comfortable and soft, does not overheat your device through regular shape with holes for ventilation.

A set of glasses for this explosive cocktail!

Salt shaker pepper + Grenades for soldiers kitchen!

Circles under any mood! In addition to funny faces these cute mugs have a double wall that keeps drinks hot longer without burning your hands.

Shelves with a secret. The peculiarity of this shelf in its unusual design.
It's very simple, but when the shelf is filled with books creates an absolute illusion of hovering in the air.

Mini-bulb "Tiny Tim" is always with you, highlighting the relevant pages directional light!

Mill for salt and pepper "Pencils" is not only original but also have high-quality ceramic tool!

ski pole!

Heaters of wheat, just put a hot water bottle in the microwave and enjoy the warmth for over an hour!

Lunch-box for soup! This innovation for those who love healthy food!

Candles burning colorful fire! In a set of 12 candles with holders - green, orange, red, purple, blue. Each candle burns 8 minutes.

Shelf for absolute relaxation. A glass of wine, a favorite book, candles umm...

Gift for wine lovers. Stylish holder bottles - do not take up much space and is very much precious vessel!

Plate, which helps to feed even the most capricious infant, and not just babies. Make dinner an adventure!

Carafe with cups. No one would have thought that this bottle, and not just a stack of glasses - an ingenious solution of Danish designers will find their place in the kitchen.

USB Speakers for producing a splash on the table for your boss!